October is Respect Life month

Again this year, in an effort to reduce costs, we will not be providing you with the traditional packet, but have provided you with the links below for the materials contained in the packets, including the brochures and Resource Guide which contains Preaching for Life ideas and Intercessions. If you choose to purchase a packet or parts of the packet, click here.

I have highlighted direct links to many items below. Some resources will continue to be added, so you may want to look at the main page for other resources that will be helpful to you.

The 2017-2018 brochures are now available below.

  • What to Do When a Friend is Considering Abortion – If a friend told you that she was pregnant and considering abortion, would you know what to do?  Learn concrete tips for loving her is a way that is life-affirming for both her and her child.
  • How to Build a Culture of Life – In these challenging times, when respect for life is so often disregarded, how do we build a culture that cherishes all human life?  The answer goes back to our identity and call as Christians.
  • Top Reasons to Oppose Assisted Suicide – Polls indicate the public is receptive to the general concept of assisted suicide.  However, when people understand the associated dangers, they are less likely to support the practice.  Learn compelling reasons you can share for opposing assisted suicide.
  • Catholic Considerations for Our Earthly Passing – As Catholics, we know that death is the door through which we must pass to gain eternal life. Several considerations are provided as starting points for understanding and preparing for our earthly passing in a way that respects God’s gift of human life.
  • Death Penalty: Catholic Q & A – What does the Church say about the death penalty?  It is a pro-life topic?  This brochure explores the issue of the death penalty within the context of respect for God’s gift of human life.
  • Understanding Conscience – This brief introduction to conscience addresses what it is, why it is important, and how to form our consciences so they lead us into deeper relationship with God and one another.

Below are the 2016-2017 brochures.


Here are also additional links from the 2016-2017 campaign:

  • The full-color, thirty-one page resource guide [PDF] contains suggestions for the Respect Life Program materials, a St. Joseph adoption novena, homily helps, intercessions, quick reference information, 9 Days for Life FAQ, and a ready-to-print 9 Days for Life flyer.
  • The full-color reflection flyer [JPG] briefly unpacks the theme using the parable of the Good Samaritan. The reflection is accompanied by Pope Francis’s quote featured on the poster. An image of the hands of a baby and a senior holding each other conveys the beauty of life from beginning to end.
  • Please share this information with the Pro-Life Chair in your parish.