Preserve the Definition of Marriage in Minnesota

Following the narrow defeat of the Marriage Amendment last November, efforts are now underway to overturn existing Minnesota law and legalize same-sex marriage. Legislation to redefine marriage has passed out of committee hearings in both the Minnesota House and Senate.   It may be voted on by both legislative chambers and passed at any time, and Governor Mark Dayton has promised to sign this legislation if it reaches his desk. This would forever change marriage in Minnesota.

  • Marriage is “Unique for a Reason”: By its very nature, marriage is rooted in the sexual difference of the spouses with the inherent natural capacity to bring forth and care for children, co-created with God through their love. Just as there are many kinds of liquid, but not all of them are water, so there are many kinds of relationship, but not all of them are marriage.
  • What Legislators will decide: The question before our legislators is not whether we will affirm the worth and value of all persons, but rather about how the State will legally define marriage.  Good will and social acceptance of all persons does not logically require that the legal definition of marriage be changed for everyone.
  • The Social Importance of Marriage: All citizens, including Catholics, should care about the government’s treatment of marriage because civil authorities are charged with promoting the well-being of children and the broader common good.  Traditional marriage is central to both of these purposes.
  • Hundreds of laws involve Marriage: Further, changing the legal definition of marriage will require literally hundreds of other laws in Minnesota to be changed. This will distract time and resources from our many truly pressing social needs for years to come.


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Urge your legislators to vote “No” on HF 1054/SF 925

As Catholics, we believe that God is the author of marriage.  We are called to act with justice and defend the very heart of the family.  We must act with love, in all things.

Preserve Definition of Marriage flyer (PDF)