Engaged Couples & Sponsor/Mentor Couples

The below video was created by the USCCB.  It walks you through the Rite of Marriage, whether you’re marrying another Catholic, a baptized person who is not Catholic, or someone who is not baptized. It also answers several FAQs about Catholic weddings. Ideal for engaged couples, their families and anyone who is involved in Catholic marriage preparation.

Sponsor/Mentor Couple

Sponsor/Mentor Couple Information Sponsor Couple is a couple-to-couple ministry in which married couples mentor engaged couples to help them prepare for a Christian marriage.  Click here for training information, Dates, Cost and Registration

Fully Engaged

Fully Engaged is a Catholic catechetical premarital inventory designed to help engaged couples solidify the foundation upon which they, together with Christ, will build their Sacrament of Marriage. Grounded in Church teaching and loaded with catechetical content, this dynamic premarital inventory is a trustworthy guide that meets the real challenges today’s couples face. Click here for information on Fully Engaged/toggle]


Pope Francis: List of tips to make a marriage work