The Gift that is our Family

  • 06:30 PM
  • 1515 N 3rd Street, St Cloud MN 56303
  • 320-251-4455

The family is a key agent in evangelization,

     a communion of love and life,

             and truly a gift from God     

                   to each family member and to the world.

The parish cluster of Holy Spirit, St Anthony and St. John Cantius is holding their parish mission from October 22-25 focusing on marriage and the family. Nationally known speakers, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Kari and Steve Colella, as well as on our local expert on Theology of the Body, Nic Davidson, will be presenting. Childcare, food and prayer will round out the line up. See Parish Mission Flyer for more details. All are welcome.


Monday, October 23

Nic Davidson


“The Gift Set Free”


Building on the ideas of St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body,” Nic will discuss how the logic of “gift” frees us to love in ways that build up, inspire, and tap into God’s ever-present grace to become a source of hope for one another.


Nic Davidson is an evangelist, youth minister, author, & member (he & his family) of Holy Spirit